Duplicate detection

Here are the many ways Insightly helps you prevent and clean up duplicate records.

Duplicates when Importing Records

When you import records, you can prevent duplicates from being created. See Duplicate checks when importing for the details.

Contacts and Organizations

As you enter contacts and organizations, Insightly checks for duplicates and warns you as you enter them.

After you've entered the full name, move your cursor to another field to search for and display possible duplicates. If your company uses leads, the duplicate check for contacts will also check if your contact matches any leads.

To compensate for spelling variations or data entry errors, Insightly looks for names that sound like the name you've entered and will display up to 5 possible duplicates. If you see a warning with the maximum 5 matches, check your contacts or organizations to make sure there aren't more.


The duplicate check for leads works a bit differently. After you've saved a new lead, Insightly checks if there is already a lead with the same email address. If duplicates are found, you'll see the Duplicate Records Insight Card in the lead record.


To remove the card, edit the affected leads to change their email addresses, merge the leads, or delete the duplicates. Click a name in the card to open a record.


Insightly's SmartMerge tool helps you look for and merge duplicate contacts, leads, and organizations at any time. See Finding duplicate records with SmartMerge

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