How to create, edit, and delete report folders

When you save a report, you can add it to an existing folder or create a new folder. Report folders can be kept private or shared with other users on your account. Folders can also be created from the Report Folders view or from the Report Edit view.

Creating and sharing report folders

Creating a new folder from the Report Folders view

To create a new folder directly from the Reports tab, click the plus (+) symbol at the top of the Reports Folders list.

Creating a folder from the Report Edit view

When you're editing a report, you may have the options to save the report, make a copy of the report by selecting "Save As," or change the folder by clicking the Report Properties button.

Clicking any of these options will allow you to select "Create New Folder" from the report folder list.

Sharing reports & folder permissions

When you create a new folder, enter a folder name and select the sharing permissions. You can choose to display the folder to everyone on your Insightly account, only yourself and the administrators, or selected teams or individuals.

To select multiple individuals, click multiple names from the list of users.


Reports with limited viewing permissions will appear in the Report Folders list with a padlock icon.


Deleting or editing a folder

Editing a folder will allow you to change its name and the sharing permissions. The default Insightly template folders may not be edited or deleted.

To delete a custom report folder or change the folder name:

  1. Open the folder by selecting it from the Report Folders list.
  2. Click the caret next to the folder name.
  3. Select Edit Folder or Delete Folder.


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