What is the Opportunity History Report?

The Opportunity History Report is a specialized report that helps you track and audit changes to your opportunities over time. When any of the following opportunity fields change, an entry is added to the report:

  • Bid Amount/Opportunity Value
  • Bid Type
  • Probability
  • Pipeline
  • Pipeline Stage
  • Forecast Close Date
  • Actual Close Date
  • Opportunity State

The report is grouped by opportunity and displays who edited the opportunity as well as the date and time of their edit. You can modify and save the report template that's provided to create your own versions of the report.

The report will only show changes that occurred on or after September 9, 2016. That's when the fields to support this report were created by Insightly.

To view the report:

  1. Click the Reports tab.
  2. Click the Opportunity Reports folder.
  3. Click Opportunity History Report.
  4. When you open the report, it will automatically be grouped by the Opportunity Name field. Under each opportunity, a new line is created each time one of the fields above is changed.
  5. As you do with other reports, you can modify and save the report, but each new line is only based on changes to the fields listed at the top of this page.
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