How to set up a Dynamic Layout Rule

Create a Dynamic Layout Rule when you'd like a create/edit page to change based on a user's input.

Dynamic Layout Rule is available only for Enterprise subscription plan. To create a Dynamic Layout Rule, Advanced Permissions must be enabled on the Insightly account. 


  • If condition is based on a hidden field, the action cannot occur
  • If condition is based on a read only field, the action cannot occur
  • Action should not display a hidden field
  • Action should not overwrite a read only FLS field

For this example, when a service writer selects a Parts transaction, we want to show a part number field. When they select a Service transaction we want to show a labor rate.

How to create a layout rule

    1. Go to System Settings > Objects and Fields and select an object.
    2. Select Layout Rules and click New Rule.
    3. Enter a name for the rule and select the Page Layout that you'd like it applied to. This rule will apply when our service writer selects a Parts sale.
    4. Click Create Layout Rule.
    5. Click Add a Condition to set up the conditions that will change the page. For this example, we want the Page Layout to change based on the transaction type.
    6. Select the field, operator, and values for your condition. Click Add.
    7. To add up to 7 more conditions, click Add a Condition again. See our article on filtering for information on how to create a combination of conditions.
    8. Click Add an Action.
    9. Select the action and the section or field you'd like it applied to. In this case, the layout hides the two fields for part number and value, so we will add an action to show the field that applies to the condition—the part number.
    10. Click Save. To add up to 7 more actions, click Add an Action.
    11. Scroll back to the top of the page and click Save.

The page will now change depending on the user's selection.


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