How to clone a custom field

When you set up custom fields, you may want to create the same field for different kinds of objects. Using the steps below, you can copy a custom field's configuration to a different object without having to enter all the details again.

This process doesn't copy the values from existing records to other records, it only clones the field itself. 

To duplicate an existing custom field:

  1. Go to System Settings > Objects and Fields.
  2. Select the object that contains the field you'd like to duplicate.
  3. Click Object Fields.
  4. Click the three-dot menu next to the field you want to clone and select Clone this Field.
  5. Choose the type of object you want to copy the custom field to. Click Next.
  6. Fill out the Field Details. You will need to create a unique field name for the clone. For example, you might change Type_of_Car_Opportunities to Type_of_Car_Projects.
  7. Click Save Custom Field
  8. A confirmation message will appear to let you know your clone was successful. The duplicated custom field will now appear when creating or editing a new record.
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