Setting up and using categories

Categories are a way to label opportunities, projects, tasks, and files.

We've got you started with a few task categories, and an Insightly administrator can create more for your team. For example, a business that sells products and provides services can create two categories, "Products" and "Services," to label their sales opportunities and projects. They can even create a third "Products and Services" category to cover all the possibilities.

You can include categories when you create a custom list.


Insightly administrators can view, add, edit, and delete categories from the System Settings > Categories page. (A category can only be deleted if it's not in use.)


Adding new categories

An Insightly administrator can set up and modify categories.

  1. Go to System Settings > Categories.
  2. Type the new category name in the Category text box at the bottom of the list of categories.

  3. Click the color square and select a background color for the category label.

  4. Click the checkbox that corresponds to the column and object you want to associate your new category with. You can choose multiple columns.

  5. Click the Add Category button to save the new category.

  6. The new category will appear alphabetically in the category list. The edit and delete buttons will appear on the right in case you'd like to make changes or remove it.

    Note: A category can only be deleted if it's not in use. You can also edit it and de-select the records it applies to. To delete it completely, filter the records that are using the category and edit them to change their category.

Now, when you create a new record from the types you've selected, you can choose the new entry from the Category field.


And the category will appear in the record after you've saved it.


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