How to create Custom Buttons

Custom Buttons are used to quickly execute actions directly from a record.

Admins can add up to six buttons to a Page Layout, but can create as many as they want per object. This feature is available to Professional and Enterprise customers, but the Lambda button is only available to Enterprise.

To create a Custom Button:

  1. Go to System Settings > Objects and Fields. Select an object.
  2. Click Custom Buttons.
  3. Click New Button.
  4. Add a Button Label. Insightly will automatically generate the Button Name from the label.

    The Button Name is used for the internal functions of the CRM and helps identify the field. Since the Field Name must be unique, it ensures the right data will be pulled.

    The Button Label determines how the button is labeled within a record.
  5. Choose your Button Display: Text or Icon.

    Choosing a Text Button will create a button with the label text on it.

    Choosing an Icon Button will create a button with an icon of your choice on it.
  6. Choose the Button Type: 
    1. Hyperlink - Opens an external hyperlink in a new browser window when clicked. Enter the Hyperlink URL. 
    2. Lambda Function - Executes a previously created Insightly Lambda Function when clicked. Select a Lambda Function from the dropdown.
    3. Webhook Endpoint - Sends an HTTP Webhook Post payload to an endpoint URL when clicked. Enter the Webhook Endpoint and click the Active checkbox.

      The Webhook will be disabled if there are 3 failed attempts within 7 days.Custom_button_7.png 
  7. Click Create Custom Button.

After the button has been created, you will need to add it to a Page Layout.

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