Quick filtering and updating tags

As you add tags to records, a tag index will appear in the right sidebar for each corresponding tab. Contact tags appear on the Contacts page, organization tags on the Organizations page, etc. (Click the Show Sidebar button if you need to open the sidebar.)


Tags will also in a record's Details subtab.

While you can filter by tags and other fields using custom filters, you can also click the blue tags to quickly filter by a tag.

To filter using only your tags:

  1. Click a blue tag indicator to filter the list by that tag value.
    If you see 0 records after selecting a tag, this means the tagged records have been deleted and are in the Recycle Bin.
  2. A tag button will appear above the list. You can rename or delete a tag completely by selecting Delete This Tag or Rename This Tag. These options only appear when filtering by a single tag.
    Deleting a tag is permanent. There is no option to undo the action.


  3. To narrow down the list with records that match multiple tags, click the Select Multiple link in the sidebar and then click additional tags.
  4. You can now bulk edit the items in your filtered list.
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