How to Use Insight Cards


Insight Cards appear on the right side of the page to give you additional information about the record you are viewing. There are five types of Insight Cards: Organizations, Opportunities, Weather, Time, and Duplicate Records. 

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The Organization Insight Card displays the details of any primary linked organizations on contact, lead, or quote records. The user will need to have permission to view the organization record for the Insight Card to appear on a contact, lead, or quote record.

The following fields appear on the Insight Card:

  • Organization Name
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address

If the fields are removed from the organization record, the field label and information will be removed from the Insight Card. The organization’s country cannot be removed, however. Unlinking the organization from the record will remove the card entirely.

Multiple Organization cards can appear on a record. Up to six Insight cards can appear on a record; if there are multiple cards, the Organization cards will appear below other types of Insight Cards.


The Opportunities Insight Card will display any open or closed opportunities on the contact, lead, and organization records the opportunity record is linked to.

The card will contain:

  • Opportunity Name
  • Opportunity Value
  • Pipeline Stage
  • Forecast or Actual Close Date
  • Opportunity Responsible User
  • Opportunity Owner
  • If Closed - Won or Lost

The logged-in user will need permission to view the opportunity record for the Insight Card to appear on a contact, lead, or organization record.

Multiple Opportunity cards can appear on a record, so sales reps can quickly review any open opportunities at a glance. Up to six Insight Cards can appear on a record. If there are multiple Opportunity cards, the Opportunity cards will be sorted in the following order:

  • Open cards by forecast close date. 
  • Open cards with NO forecast close date. 
  • Closed cards, Won. Ordered from first actual close date to last.
  • Closed cards, Lost. Ordered from first actual close date to last.

Weather and Time

The Weather and Time Insight cards will display the local time and weather for the contact, opportunity, or organization you are viewing, based on their address. Opportunity records will use the address of their primary linked organization. Be sure to include the postal code and country so that the Insight Cards can generate the correct information.

The Weather Insight card will display either fahrenheit or celsius based on the country selected in your User Settings. This card will always be displayed unless the record's address information is removed.


Duplicate Records

The Duplicate Records Insight Card will only appear when Insightly detects other open leads with the same email address as the one you're viewing.

To remove the card, edit the affected leads to have different email addresses, merge the leads, or delete the duplicates. Click a name in the card to open another record and edit it.

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