Adding a link to multiple items at once

You can add an Insightly link to multiple items in a list. If you would prefer seeing a video that includes this topic, view our tutorial on linking.

To link multiple items to another record:

  1. Select one of the main pages from the navigation bar on the left for contacts, organizations, opportunities, projects, or emails.
  2. In the list view, click the check boxes to the left of the items you would like to link to another record.
  3. Click the Add Link button which appears above the list.


  4. The Add Link window will open. Search for the item you wish to link to by typing it in the Name field, then select it from the displayed results. You can also define a role and details for the link.
  5. Click on the Add This Link button to create the link between this record and all the selected items.

    Link dialog

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