How to set up link relationships for contacts and organizations

You can link most Insightly records together and manually enter a description of the connection in the Role field.

But when you're creating links between contacts or between organizations, you'll choose from a Relationship field dropdown list. We provide some default selections, but you can add your own custom relationships to that list.

A relationship describes a link between two records. Because it's not a field within a record itself, it isn't included in exports or reports.

Creating a new custom relationship

In this example, we'll create a teacher/student relationship.

To set up new custom relationship:

  1. Go to System Settings > Relationships.
  2. Click Add New Relationship.
  3. Enter the relationship information in the text boxes. For our teacher/student example, the teacher will be the first entry and the student the second. Their order doesn't matter, since users can switch the direction.
  4. Checkmark one or more boxes to designate whether this applies to contacts or organizations. In this case, we'll only select the contacts.
  5. Click Save Relationship.

The new relationship will appear on your System Settings > Relationships page and will now appear as an option when linking two contacts.

The default relationships included with Insightly cannot be changed or deleted.
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