Updating multiple records with bulk editing

Bulk editing is used to select multiple records from a list view and update each with the same value, saving users from updating each individual record.

  • How bulk editing works

  • How to update multiple records

  • Bulk editing and workflow automation

How bulk editing works

With bulk editing, users can update multiple records at once, as long as they have access and edit permissions. For example, you could choose a selected group of Organization records and add tags based on their region.

Each Object will have different options for bulk edit actions. Here are the various bulk edit actions available:


Add Tags

Select one or more tags to each selected record.

Add Activity Set

An Activity Set is a template for creating a group of tasks and events. By applying an Activity Set to the selected records, the activities will be created automatically.

Add Link

Link a record to the selected records.

Add Note

Create a new Note to be attached to each record.

Send Email

Create and send an email to each record’s email address.

Change Record Owner

Updates which user is the record’s owner. 

Additionally, when updating Organization records, users can also change the record owner of: 

-Linked Contacts (both Primary Linked and non-Primary Linked Contacts) 
-Open Linked Opportunities (both Primary Linked and non-Primary Linked Opportunities)
-Open Linked Leads with an email address that matches one of the email domains in the Organization record

Add to Marketing List

Prospects linked to selected Contacts or Leads can be added to a static List in Insightly Marketing for targeting with Journeys and Emails.


Deletes all selected records. All notes and files for these records will also be deleted. Emails, tasks, and events linked to these items will be unlinked.

Users can recover these records from the recycle bin. Notes and files will also need to be restored.

Export to CSV

Exports records to create a CSV file for users to download.

Export to MailChimp

Exports records to a user-selected Mailchimp List.

Change Permissions

Changes the record’s visibility permissions. Users can select:

-Only the record owner (This record will only be visible to its creator and administrators)
-Select a team
-Select individual people

Merge these Contacts/Leads/Prospects

Uses SmartMerge to merge multiple records into one. Select one record to be the master record to fill the fields with that record’s data, which can be further edited as needed.


Some records cannot be deleted but can be archived instead. The Archive action removes the record from active List Views and moves them to an Archive List View.

On bulk edit pages, users can find fields using a search bar. Use this feature to quickly find a specific field rather than scrolling through a substantial list of available fields.

You can also perform bulk updates through importing.

Notification messages

When bulk updating, many records can be updated, but this can cause users to receive many unwanted record change notification messages for records they are following.

On the bulk edit screen, click the “Send notifications for every record to users following record changes” checkbox to choose whether these record change notifications will be sent or not. By default, record change notifications will not be sent

How to update multiple records

  1. Select an Object from the navigation menu.

  2. Select the records you'd like to change. You may select:

    • Individual records by clicking the checkboxes to the left of each name

    • All records on the current page by clicking the checkbox above the list. Insightly will display up to 30 records per page.

    • All records in the list you're viewing (if there are more than 30 listed on subsequent pages) by clicking the checkbox above the list and then clicking the link in the "Select all..." message that appears at the top of the list

  3. If the current list does not display the records you need, you can:

  4. Click one of the bulk editing options that appear above the list. The available options will depend on which page you're viewing.

  5. Follow the prompts to select or enter new data to update the selected items.

Bulk editing and workflow automation

If you use workflow automation or/and AppConnect Recipes, you need to enable the highlighted option when you bulk edit. Select your records and click the bulk edit icon. On that screen, you will check the box to trigger and process any workflow automation actions and appconnect recipes that are applicable when the edit is complete.

If this is not checked, workflow automation rules and actions and appconnect recipes will not be processed for these edited records.

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