What are Linked Items reports?

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When you link records together, you create a network of connections between contacts, organizations, projects, and opportunities.

A Linked Items report displays the connections for those main objects, letting you see the relationships between these different types of objects. 

You can create lists of connections like:

  • All contacts with the opportunities and projects they are involved with.
  • Decision makers and influencers for each opportunity.
  • Stakeholders and contributors linked to each project.
  • Employees or members linked to your organizations.

The details will depend on how you're linking and filling out each link's fields. The examples above give you some ideas about the power of linking and the reports you can create.

These reports display connections between objects of different types. You cannot create a report for contacts linked to other contacts, projects linked to other projects, etc.

To create a Linked Items report:

  1. Start a new report.
  2. Select a folder for contacts, organizations, opportunities, or projects. Choose the object that will be the focus of your report.
  3. Select the Linked Items report for that object.
  4. The report template will start with some standard fields. As you do with other reports, you can modify and save the report to gather the information you're looking for.


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