Updating multiple records with bulk editing

You can update multiple items in one batch, provided you have permissions to access and edit them. Using the steps below, you can choose a selected group of records and then export them, add tags, reassign leads or projects, and many other functions.

You can also update multiple records through the import process. See Understanding bulk updating with imports.

To edit multiple records:

  1. Click a tab in the left navigation menu.
  2. If you would like to filter your list of records, use one of these options:
    • Use the Search field above the list (not the one at the top of the page)
    • Click the Filter or View buttons above the list of items. Some pages include an option to create a custom filter.
    • Click a link in the right sidebar under Your Recent Imports, if you've recently imported items
    • Click on a tag name to filter by tags
  3. Select the records you'd like to change. You may select:
    • Individual records by clicking the checkboxes to the left of each name
    • All records on the current page by clicking the checkbox above the list. Insightly will display up to 50 records per page.
    • All records in the list you're viewing (if there are more than 50 listed on subsequent pages) by clicking the checkbox above the list and then clicking the link in the "Select all..." message that appears at the top of the list

  4. Click one of the bulk editing options that appear above the list. The available options will depend on which page you're viewing. See our table of functions.
  5. Follow the prompts to select or enter new data to update the selected items.

Contacts and Organizations: The Bulk Edit button

When selecting contacts and organizations, the first button in the toolbar is the Bulk Edit button. Clicking this pencil icon will take you to the Bulk Edit page, where you can make multiple edits at once.

To make changes from the Bulk Edit page:

  1. Click the checkbox next to each item you'd like to change.
  2. Select or enter the value you'd like updated.
  3. Click the Save Bulk Edits button.

We also have a bulk editing video tutorial.

Table of bulk editing options

Buttons will appear above a list of records after checkboxes are selected.

This table indicates actions that are available for each type of record. The columns represent tasks, contacts, organizations, leads, opportunities, projects, emails, and email templates.

     T    C Org    L  Op    P    E   ET
Mark Complete              
Change Due Date              
Send Email            
Add Note            
Apply Activity Set      
Add Tags  

Add Link  

Export to CSV file      
Send to MailChimp              
Change Responsible User          
Change Permissions  

SmartMerge duplicate records          
Change Record Owner
Remove Tags            
Change Field Value            
Copy address from organization              
Copy phone from organization              
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