Accessing an item using a unique ID number

Each contact, organization, opportunity, project, task, and email within Insightly is automatically given a special reference number. When you view a record, an ID number for that item is displayed at the end of the URL in your browser's address bar. Some of our clients use standards like ISO 9001, which operate best when each item has a reference number. In addition to viewing the ID in the address bar, you can search for an item within Insightly by using the ID number. By entering the ID in the global search bar or within the search box of a specific list, you will easily find the item with the corresponding ID. Contact ID search

Optional Record ID

Insightly also includes an option to display this Record ID directly within the details view of an item. Your Insightly administrator can enable this setting from the System Settings > Record ID page. System settings to record id When the Record ID is enabled, you will see the ID number as the first field in each item's details. Contact ID in details

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