Managing contact roles and titles

Insightly's linking feature lets you link a contact to multiple organizations. So, if someone is the president of one company, an investor in another, and a board member of a local charity, you can see all their connections and titles right from one contact record. You'll see the role when you view, add, or edit a contact's links. The Links appear below the contact's details.

This also means the Role is a description of the link, not a field in the contact record itself. This can get confusing for people who only want one title for every contact. If you would prefer having a unique title field for each contact, you can still create a custom field for your contacts called "Title" or "Occupation."


Where to edit a contact's Role field

You can enter or edit a contact's role in three situations:

  • When editing an existing link. You can add or edit the role from the Links section by moving your cursor over the link and clicking the Pencil/Edit icon that appears.

  • When creating a new contact. When you enter a role and enter or select an organization, the two records will be linked.

  • When adding a new link.


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