What are custom fields?

While Insightly CRM comes with standard fields, like name, phone number, and email address, you will probably want to add more of these as well as your own specialized fields.

Common examples of custom fields include billing ID numbers, contract renewal dates, project types, and referral information. You can even group your fields under their own expandable sections.


A contact with custom fields grouped under “Customer Reference.

Things to know

  • Only Insightly administrators can create custom fields.
  • You can create fields for contacts, organizations, opportunities, projects, and leads.
    Each Insightly subscription plan limits the number of custom fields you can create. See our pricing page for the custom field limit on your plan. 
  • Custom field groups help you organize and order your fields into sections.
  • After creating a field, you can clone it for other record types.
  • By mapping custom lead fields and custom opportunity fields, your field values can be copied from a converted lead or opportunity to the new records that Insightly automatically creates for you.

Custom field types

Insightly includes nine different field types:

  • Text Field – A single-line text entry box that holds up to 100 characters
  • Date Field – A date field with a calendar selection
  • Checkbox – A checkbox which displays checked or unchecked
  • Numeric – An entry box that will accept only numerical entries
  • URL – A web address field
  • Multi-line Text Field – A three-line text entry box that holds up to 4000 characters
  • Email Address Field – A text field for email addresses
  • Phone Number Field – A text field for phone numbers
  • Dropdown Field – A list of defined options to select from

Entering data into custom fields

Once your Insightly administrator has set up your fields, your users will see them every time you edit or create a record.

While you can't re-order Insightly’s default fields (the ones at the top, like name and address), you can group and re-order your custom fields. Custom fields that were set up with help text will display a question mark (?) after the field name. You can roll your mouse cursor over the question mark to see a description of the field.

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