What are page layouts?

This feature is only available in the new Insightly.

What do you do when you're overloaded with fields? When you have important data to document, but can't find the fields you need because your team has cluttered your records with fields of their own?


Look no further than page layouts.

With page layouts, you can:

  • Reorganize fields on the page
  • Make fields required
  • Add or remove fields
  • Limit layout access to specific user profiles
    (requires Advanced Permissions)

Page layouts are all about customization - they allow your Insightly Administrator to select and organize the fields to be filled out on an object. Page layouts will improve how you create, edit, and view your records. All the information you need, with nothing to clutter your productivity.


You can customize your records for all your users, and with Advanced Permissions, you can create layouts for each of your profiles.

For example, take projects. John on the marketing team might want his projects to be centered on the videos he needs to produce, while Kourtney on the product team needs her projects to be focused on help center content.


Page layouts provide the ability to create required fields so no vital information can be missed. You can also create read-only records - you can keep your team up to date without fear of incorrect information being added by well-meaning reps.

Use any fields you need, whether they are Insightly's standard fields or any custom fields you create. Just drag and drop!


Page layouts will streamline your Insightly experience. Think about what fields you need and meet with your Insightly administrator. Your admin can start creating and assigning layouts.

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