How to edit or create a page layout

Insightly Administrators can edit default page layouts. If you are on a Professional or Enterprise plan, you can also create additional page layouts.

With page layouts, you can change which fields appear on a record, the order they appear in, and if they're required, read-only, or hidden. This gives you complete control over how your records appear when someone is creating, editing, or viewing a record.

To create a page layout:

  1. Go to System Settings > Objects and Fields. Select the object you want to create a layout for.
  2. From the Object Management list, select Page Layouts.
  3. On accounts using Advanced Permissions, click New Layout or choose an existing layout. If your account is set to Simple Permissions, you will only be able to select and change the default layout from the list (you can skip to step 7).
  4. When creating a new layout, enter a unique name — a layout cannot share a name with an existing layout. You can choose to clone an existing layout to start out with.
  5. Click Create Page Layout.
  6. Click the gear icon in the Details section to hide fields that have no value from appearing on object's Details
  7. If you need to create a new section, drag the New Section box into the details section. This is a way of grouping your fields.
  8. Drag and drop fields from the field list into your form. Use the Search box above the field list to quickly find a specific field. If the field is grayed out, it has already been added to the page.Page_Layout_1.gif
  9. To edit a field's settings — like making it a required field for this layout — hover over it and click the gear icon to the right. Insightly's required fields, such as contact name, cannot be edited or deleted.
  10. Click Save Layout.

When using Simple Permissions, your updated default layout will apply to all your users. With Advanced Permissions, you can create multiple layouts and assign layouts to user profiles.

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