Insightly's System Settings

Insightly administrators will get very familiar with the System Settings page. This is where you'll add users, turn account features off and on, configure account security, and customize lists, fields, and pages. These are settings that affect all the users on your account.

To view the System Settings page, click the profile menu and select System Settings. Your settings are listed on the left, with a search field above them.

Let's go through each section.



This one is pretty self-explanatory. Add or remove users and change their settings.


There are two different kinds of permissions: Simple and Advanced. The options you'll see here in the Security section will depend on the permissions level you've chosen.

Object and Fields

Objects are the record types you'll use in Insightly (contacts, projects, organizations, etc.). By selecting this option and then choosing an object, you can create custom fields and Page Layouts.

User Interface

Enable or disable basic functions for your users or replace Insightly's logo with your own.


Tools to increase productivity by making things happen for your users automatically.

Feature Settings

Set up features to capture contacts and leads.

Data Administration

Customize categories, statuses, and other features to meet your needs.


Connect your other apps to Insightly.

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