Following up on new user invitations

If you've invited a new user and their invitation has expired or hasn't been received at all, you can send a new invitation at any time.

From the System Settings > Users page, click the three dots to the right of the user's information. The menu will provide you with two options to help the new user register their account.

Re-send Invitation

Email invitations expire after seven days. To send a new invitation, click the Re-send Invitation option. This will send a new activation link to the user's email address.

Show Invitation URL

If the user hasn't received the invitation at all, it's best to check their spam folder, email filters, and email account settings to ensure that emails from the Insightly system will be received by them in the future.

While you look into those things, you probably want to get the new user activated so that they can sign in.

  1. Click the Show Invitation URL option.

  2. Copy the activation link. You can copy the URL that's displayed by selecting the text and copying it or right-clicking the link and selecting the option in your browser to copy the link.

  3. Paste the link into an email or instant message to the new user. They will be able to click the link and set up their password.



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