Resolving missing invitations, password resets, or notifications

If a user does not receive notifications, password reset emails, or an invitation to join Insightly, it is very likely the email messages are being blocked, filtered, or categorized as spam.

There are a few things you can try to fix this:

  • Check your spam folder. If the message is there, mark it to indicate that it is not spam.
  • Add Insightly to your contacts list. Sometimes whitelisting an address will allow your email program to pass the message into your inbox. 
    For most email types, add “Insightly Notifications” as the contact with the email address of
    For Business Card Scans, add “Insightly Business Cards” as the contact with the e-mail address of
  • Add Insightly domains to your approved sender's list. To ensure you receive all emails, we recommend whitelisting,,, and
    This process varies with different email programs, so you might need to search your app or service's documentation.
  • Send the new user invitation manually. For email invitations to new users, you can retrieve the invitation link from Insightly and send it to them manually.
  • Check with your email administrator. If you try the suggestions above and the message is still not delivered, check with your email provider or network administrator. The message could be blocked at a higher level. This can occur due to system restrictions or changes in your username or alias. Your email provider should be able to find where the message is being routed and resolve the problem.
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