How to review a user's settings and permissions

Depending on the whether your account is using Simple Permissions or Advanced Permissions, there are a few different ways to check and manage your users' settings. 

Settings for Simple Permissions and Advanced Permissions

With both Simple Permissions and Advanced Permissions, you can:

More settings for Advanced Permissions

In addition to the settings above, Advanced Permissions includes a link on the user's name to view details about the user's settings.

All of the following information is available on the User Details page.

  1. User Details includes the user's name, email address/user ID, role, and profile.
  2. Additional Information includes important dates about the user account, like the last time they logged in.
  3. Personal Settings are set by the user in User Settings, but many can be changed by the administrator by clicking the Edit User button.
  4. Managers in Role Hierarchy are the people who can view this user's records through their role connections.
  5. Profile Permissions display the actions permitted through the user's profile.
  6. By clicking Edit User, you can change the user's profile, role, and personal settings.

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