How to create a PDF or a Merge Document

If you have uploaded templates into Insightly, you can start creating PDFs and Merge documents. Templates are used to pull information from your records and create documents for distribution or your own business records. They can be customized to include any relevant information.

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Users on any plan level can create Merge Documents for any supported record type, with the exception of Products, which are Enterprise only.

Quote PDF documents, as well as Quotes, are limited to users on Enterprise plans.

How they work

Quote PDFs and Merge Documents are generally used by businesses to provide information about available goods and services to prospective clients. For example, Quote PDFs can be used to provide pricing information for a specific service you offer.

By adding templates to Insightly, you can create a Quote PDF or Merge Document of a record. Once uploaded, templates can automatically map fields from the record into the Quote PDF or Merge Document.

If a template is deleted, it will not appear in your recycle bin. If you delete a template, Insightly cannot recover it.

You can download your Quote PDF or Merge Document at any time by clicking the file's name. If you notice any errors in the Quote PDF or Merge Document, check your template’s formatting. 


PDF documents can be created for Quotes. Quotes PDFs come with their own standard template. If you need multiple templates, you will need to create and upload your own templates.

The standard Quote PDF template that Insightly provides cannot be deleted, but it can be edited.

Merge Documents

Insightly does not provide a standard template for Merge Document objects, so you will need to upload your own template first.

Merge Documents can be created for the following objects:

  • Contacts

  • Organizations

  • Leads

  • Opportunities

  • Products

  • Projects

  • Custom Objects

How to create a Merge Document

  1. Open a record.

  2. Click the Actions dropdown menu.

  3. SelectGenerate Merge Document.

  4. Select a Document Template from the dropdown. Click Generate Document.

How to create a Quote PDF

  1. Open a Quote record.

  2. Click the Actionsdropdown menu.

  3. Select Create PDF.

  4. Select a Document Template from the dropdown. Click Generate Document.

How to email a Quote PDF

Emailing a Quote will also create a PDF for the recipient to review.

  1. Open a Quote. From the Actions menu, select Email This Quote.

  2. Select a document template. Click Generate Document.

  3. Start creating the email within Insightly. Click Next to preview the email, then click Next again.

  4. Choose when you want to schedule the email and click Finish.

Learn more

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