How to format and upload a document template

Quotes come with their own premade template available for creating PDFs. If you want to generate PDFs for other objects or if you just need multiple templates, you will need to create and upload your own templates.

By adding templates to Insightly, you can create a PDF from any record. Once uploaded, templates can automatically map fields from the record into the PDF.


Users on any plan level can add templates. Quotes are limited to users on Enterprise plans.

When formatting the fields of your template, you will need to use the Field Name, not the Field Label.


The Field Label determines how a field is labeled within a record.

The Field Name is used for the internal functions of the CRM and helps identify the field. Since the Field Name must be unique, it ensures the right data will be pulled.

For example, the First Name field. The Field Label is First Name. The Field Name of the First Name field is FIRST_NAME.

To find your Field Names:

  1. Go to System Settings > Objects & Fields.
  2. Select an Object.
  3. Click Object Fields.
  4. Find the field you need and add it's Field Name to your template.


When you add the Field Names to your document, it should be arranged like this: {{Object.Field_name}}

For example, if you want your contact's first name in the document, add: {{CONTACT.FIRST_NAME}}

You can download our Standard Quote Template to use as an example.


  1. Go to System Settings > Document Templates.
  2. Select Standard Quotation Template.
  3. Click the file next to the Template File Field.

The template will be downloaded to your device. It can be viewed and edited in programs that can read word documents.

To add your own template:

  1. Go to System Settings > Document Templates.
  2. Click New Document Template.
  3. Give your template a name and a description.
  4. Select the Related Object from the dropdown.
  5. Click Upload File. Select the template you want to add from your files.
  6. Check Active and then click Save Template.


Insightly only supports standard fonts for document templates.

Editing Templates

If you come across any errors in your template, edits will need to be made to the original file and then reuploaded to Insightly.

You can edit, clone, delete, and download the templates you have created from the three dots menu.


If a template is deleted, it will not appear in your recycle bin. If you delete a template, Insightly cannot recover it.

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