Duplicate detection

Insightly checks for duplicate contacts and organizations when you enter them manually and when you import them. See Duplicate checks when importing for the methods used to prevent imported duplicates.

When you manually enter a contact or organization, Insightly will check for duplicates after you've entered the full name of an organization or a contact. The system will search your existing records when you move your cursor to another field.

If your company uses leads, the contact detection will also check if the new contact matches any leads. (Duplicate detection will not apply to manually created leads.) To compensate for spelling variations or data entry errors, Insightly looks for names that sound like the name you've entered and will display up to 5 possible duplicates. 

If you see a warning with the maximum 5 matches, check your contacts or organizations to make sure there aren't more.

Duplicates can also be found and merged for contacts, leads, and organizations using SmartMerge.

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