What are Products and Price Books?

Tracking what you sell shouldn't be a complicated process. Products and Price Books are great for businesses that offer multiple items or services and sell them at varying prices.


Products are the goods sold by your business. They are stored in Price Books, which organize your Products into a list.

All of your Products are automatically added to your Standard Price Book when they are created, which records the default cost of each listing. You can add a Product to any custom Price Books and adjust the prices as needed.


For example, say you wanted to expand your business to other countries. You decide to offer a discount to customers located in different regions as an incentive to gain their business.


Instead of making a note of each discount in every record manually, just assign the discounted Price Book to your Opportunity and you're done!


Once your customers start showing interest in your services, you can send them a Quote and win their business.

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