How to create a Quote

Quotes are used to give your prospective customers a clear understanding of the cost of your services. You can create multiple Quotes, which will be recorded in the Related tab of the Opportunity they are attached to.

To create a Quote

  1. Go to Opportunities. Open your record.
  2. Go to the Related tab. In the Quotes section, click New Quote.
  3. Enter the details, such as the name and status of your Quote.
  4. Click Save.

Next, you will need to add Products to your Quote.

To Add Products

  1. Open the Quote. Go to the Related tab.
  2. In Quote Line Items, select Add Products.
  3. Set the Price Book.
  4. Click Add Products again.
  5. Add the Products by clicking the plus symbol to the right of their name.
    If you change a Product's standard price later, your Quote price will not change.
  6. Edit the Sale Price, Quantity, and Discount of the Products.
  7. Click Save Products.

Once you have created your Quote in Insightly, you can generate a PDF version to send to your prospective client.

Don't forget to Sync your Quote with its Opportunity to keep it up to date.  Create_quote_3.png

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