How to customize Product and Quote Product Layouts

Insightly admins can alter Opportunity Line Items (aka Opportunity Products) and Quote Line Items (aka Quote Products) fields and the order they appear by using Page Layouts.

  • How it works

  • How to customize Opportunity Product and Quote Product Layouts

How it works

Editing the Multi-Line Layout of Opportunity Products or Quote Products will update the field columns that appear when adding or editing Products.

Adding and editing Products from an Opportunity or Quote record’s Related tab will bring up the Manage Products page where the field column changes will appear.

To change the columns that appear on the Quote Products or Opportunity Products grid that is displayed on the Related tab, admins will need to update the Opportunity or Quote’s Related tab.

Standard and custom fields

All types of standard and custom fields, including calculated fields, can be used. If the Quote record and Opportunity record are synced, standard and custom fields matching exactly the name and data type will be automatically synced.

If a Quote Product custom field has the same name and data type as an Opportunity Product custom field, the contents of that field will be copied over from the Opportunity Product to the Quote Product when the Quote is synced. The sync of Opportunity Product custom fields to Quote Product custom fields also supports dependent fields.

If there are custom fields that are on the Quote Product’s grid in the Related tab, but have no matching field on the Opportunity Products, they can be set, changed, and edited on the Quote, but it will not copy over to the Opportunity Products without a matching field.

To learn more about creating custom fields read this article.

How to customize Opportunity Product and Quote Product Layouts

  1. Go to System Settings > Objects and Fields.

  2. Select Opportunity Product or Quote Product. For this example, we'll select the Opportunity Product. The Quote Product follows the same steps.

  3. Click Page Layouts.

  4. Select Opportunity Line Item Layout.

  5. Click Edit Multi-Line Layout.

  6. To add a field, select a standard or custom field from the Available Columns section and click the right arrow.

  7. To remove a field, select a standard or custom field from the Selected Fields section and click the left arrow.

  8. To change the order of the Selected Fields, select a standard or custom field and use the up and down arrows.

  9. Click Save Fields.

  10. If needed, add or remove fields from the record. You may want to make sure the fields in the Details section match the fields included in the Multi-Line Layout.

  11. Click Save Layout.

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