How to customize Product and Quote Product Layouts

Insightly admins can alter the fields and the order they appear in for Opportunity Line Items and Quote Line Items through the Page Layout feature.

To customize:

  1. Go to System Settings > Objects and Fields.
  2. Select Opportunity Product or Quote Product. For this example, we'll select the Opportunity Product. The Quote Product follows the same steps.
  3. Click Page Layouts.
  4. Select Opportunity Line Item Layout.
  5. Click Edit Multi-Line Layout.Layout5.png
  6. To add a field, select a field from the Available Columns section and click the right arrow.
  7. To remove a field, select a field from the Selected Fields section and click the left arrow.
  8. To change the order of the Selected Fields, select a field and use the up and down arrows.
  9. Click Save Fields.
  10. Click Save Layout.
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