How to Use Search Layouts


Search layouts allow admins to define which fields will appear in searches for each object type and profile.

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When a user needs to find a record quickly, they’ll use the global search bar located in the top center of the screen. Admins can help their users get results that are most applicable to them by setting up search layouts. A search layout is used to define the fields that appear in each search result for each object and for each profile.

Search Layouts also apply to lookup relationship fields; the search layout associated with an object and a profile will determine the fields that appear in a lookup relationship field's suggested results dropdown.

When a user begins typing into the search bar, the first two fields that appear in each of the search result entries will be determined by the first two fields set in the corresponding object's search layout.

At the bottom of the list of results, users can choose to show all results. Selecting this will open a modal that contains all matching search results, with links to each record. Users can refine their search using the text box in the upper right of the modal. If the user does not have permission to view any of the fields in the results grid, the cell will be empty.

Up to 30 matching results can be displayed below the search box, but pressing enter key or clicking on one of the search links in the results will take you to the global search results page with more matches. The results grid for each object will be organized based on their corresponding search layout.

Each object has a default search layout, which is applied to all profiles. If an admin edits the default search layout, the changes will apply to all profiles that have been assigned the default search layout.

  1. Go to System Settings > Objects and Fields.
  2. Select a standard or custom object.
  3. Click Search Layouts.
  4. Each profile has its own search layout and is listed on this page along with the Default Search Layout. Click the three-dot menu associated with the layout you want to configure and select Edit This Search Layout.
  5. Select fields from the Available Columns list and click the right arrow to add them to the Visible Columns list.
  6. Select fields from the Visible Columns list and click the left arrow to remove them from the Visible Columns list.
  7. To reorder the fields in the Visible Columns list, select a field and use the up and down arrows to move it up or down the list.
  8. Click Save Search Layout.
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