How to Set Up a Google Workspace Insightly Account


Insightly offers Google Workspace users the ability to create an account that allows them to log in to Insightly using their Google Workspace credentials. These Insightly accounts integrate with Google Workspace accounts to create a more convenient user experience.

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Google Workspace Insightly Accounts

Google Workspace Insightly accounts offer one feature that standard, non-Google Workspace accounts do not: users can log in to Insightly directly from the Google Workspace app grid. A Google Workspace Insightly account is not required, but highly recommended, to link to files in Google Drive, or sync to Google Contacts and Calendar with a Google account. If you do not create an Insightly for Google Workspace account, you will not have access to all the features available in the Sidebar.


  • You must be a Google Workspace domain administrator to install Insightly in Google Workspace.
  • If you change your Google Workspace domain name later, this will disconnect it from Insightly. Google and Insightly do not support transferring data to a new Insightly account.
  • Insightly does not support multiple domains or sub-domains for the Google Workspace connection.

How to Create a Google Workspace Insightly Account 

  1. Go to the Google Workspace Marketplace. Using the global search bar, enter Insightly CRM. Select the Insightly CRM application.
  2. Click Install and follow Google's steps to confirm the installation. 
    1. As you install an app from Google Workplace Marketplace, you’ll confirm the types of data access required by the app to function properly. API access must be enabled to use this feature.
      1. If an app requires additional data access beyond what was originally requested, administrators will be notified under Data access and will be prompted to grant or deny the additional access.
  3. Google Workplace users added to Insightly should now be able to log in.
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