How to create a read-only user (Advanced Permissions)

When adding new users to Insightly, you might want to prevent some of them from changing or deleting records, granting them only the ability to view items. This can happen with roles like contractors or report creators.

Read-only users can only be created when using Advanced Permissions.

To create a read-only user:

  1. Confirm your account is set to Advanced Permissions on the System Settings > Permissions page.
  2. Set up a profile called Read-Only from the Permissions > Profiles page. You can do this by cloning the Standard User profile and unchecking all the boxes except for those in the Read column. You can further limit the records that the user can see by unchecking the Read box next to each record type.
  3. Add the user to Insightly.
  4. Click the user's name to view their details.
  5. Click the Edit User button.
  6. Select the Read-Only profile you created in step 2.
  7. Click Save User Details.

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