Configuring Default Item Visibility for your users

When your account is set to Simple Permissions, each user can set a visibility permission when creating or editing a record. The default permission that appears on the edit page for many records can be set by the Insightly administrator.

Each user can set their own default visibility settings for new emails or new tasks and events from User Settings.

These settings will not appear if your account is set to Advanced Permissions.

To configure Default Item Visibility:

  1. Go to System Settings > Permissions.
  2. Click Default Item Visibility.
  3. Click the radio buttons for each record type to select Everyone or Creator Only. This will not affect existing records, it only changes the default selection when creating new records. Users can still change the visibility permissions as they create or edit the record.
    • Everyone allows all other users on the account to view the record.
    • Creator Only limits visibility to the person who creates the item, the person assigned to the item, and administrators.
  4. Click Save.
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