How to assign a Page Layout to a profile

After you've created a custom layout, you may want to control who can see it. For example, you might want your accountant to see a billing layout and your project manager to see a different layout with specifications and requirements. You can even test a new Page Layout by temporarily assigning it to administrators. You'll do this by assigning layouts to profiles.

You will need to be using Advanced Permissions to assign a Page Layout to a user. If you are using Simple Permissions, your layouts will apply to your entire organization.

To assign a layout to a profile:

  1. Go to System Settings > Objects and Fields.
  2. Click on the object type that you want to assign a layout from.
  3. Click Layout Assignments > Edit Assignments.
  4. On the left is a list of each of your profiles. On the right are dropdown lists of your Page Layouts. Select a layout for each profile. To test a layout, you can assign it to the Administrator role. (Remember to switch it back when you're done!)
  5. Click Save Assignments.
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