Why users are listed as contacts

When an Insightly administrator adds a new user to the System Settings > Users page, an Insightly contact is created for that user. But system users have special contact records...

  • In your contact list, a contact will have a small icon next to the name to indicate that it is a system user:

    System contact icon

  • In the contact detail view, you'll also see this notification: "This contact is an Insightly user so permissions and actions are limited."

    System contact message

We restrict what you can do with that contact since the user's record is important to the operation of Insightly.

  • You cannot delete a system user from the Contacts page. System users can only be deleted by Insightly administrators from System Settings—see our article on deleting a user.
  • You can't merge a system user contact into another record, but you can merge other contacts into the system user.
  • You can't clone a system user contact.
  • If you have an Insightly for Google Apps account, system users will not sync to your Google contacts because your staff already exist in your Google Apps directory. You can find the other users from your Google Apps domain in the contacts directory.

    Google Apps contact directory

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