Updating a user's email address

After registering with Insightly, you'll use your email address as your user ID for signing in.

If your email address changes, your Insightly administrator can update the address/user ID for Insightly from the System Settings > Users page.

There are two types of users whose email addresses/user IDs cannot be changed:

  • Account owners While an account owner's user ID cannot be changed, an Insightly administrator can change the account owner temporarily to another user to update their user ID.

    The account owner is indicated by the red icon next to their name on the System Settings > Users page.
    If you're the only user on a paid account and need to change your own email address, things get a little complicated. See our instructions at the bottom of the page for guidance.

  • Insightly for G Suite users
    Google has renamed G Suite to Google Workplace.
    If you log in to Insightly through G Suite, Insightly cannot change your G Suite address.

    There is no separate email address/user ID for your Insightly account. Please see your G Suite administrator and Insightly administrator for assistance.

    A G Suite user is indicated by the square icon with four colors between their name and email address.

To change a user’s email address/user ID:

  1. Log in as an Insightly administrator.
  2. Click the profile menu and select System Settings.
  3. Click Users.


  4. Scroll down to the selected user's name and confirm that the user does not have a Google Apps icon or Account Owner icon next to their name.
  5. Click the three vertical dots to the right of the user's name and select Change User Email Address.

  6. Enter the new address on each line.
  7. Click the Change User Email button.

  8. Make sure the user is signed out of Insightly.
  9. Have the user open the notification email at the new address and click Verify Address.
  10. The user should now sign in using the old email address.
  11. Return to the verification email and click Verify Address again.
  12. The user will be logged in and a message confirming the email change will display at the top of the page.

Changing your email address on a single-user account

When you're the only person on your account, you're also the only account owner and administrator. This makes things a little more challenging because of the security connection between the account owner and our billing system.

But don't worry, you can still change your email address! These instructions will help you navigate that process.

It's best to use two different browsers, like Firefox and Chrome, to keep things straight as you follow these steps:

  Your current account
in Browser #1 (e.g., Chrome)
Temporary email account
in Browser #2 (e.g., Firefox)
1. Log in to Insightly and add a new user by using a third email address. (This is just a temporary user that you'll use to make the email change.)  
2.   Go to the email account you've added and open the invitation email to log in.
3. Refresh the Users page and make the new user an admin and transfer account ownership to the user.  
4.   Go to the System Settings > Users page and change the email address on the original account using the instructions above.
5. Refresh the Users page to confirm your email address has been updated.  
6.   Transfer account ownership to the original user.
7.   Log out. 
8. Delete the temporary user.  
9. If you have a paid subscription, reduce the number of users on your plan.  

On paid plans, increasing and decreasing the number of users will add a charge and a credit to your account. The credit will appear on your next billing cycle, so you won't be charged extra.

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