Granting or removing administrator permissions

This article is part of the Security & Permissions Guide

Insightly administrators can make any other user an administrator, too. If the user has just been added, they will need to complete their registration before you can make the changes below.

Making a user an administrator allows them to:

  • Access and change system settings, like adding new users and creating custom fields
  • View, edit, or delete any record, regardless of other permissions and visibility settings
  • Access and change billing settings

You can tell if you're an administrator by looking for System Settings in your profile menu. Only administrators will see this option.

When you're using Advanced Permissions, assigning an administrator to a profile will revoke their administrative privileges. Removing those privileges using the steps below will make them a Standard User. 

To make a user an administrator:

  1. Go to System Settings > Users.
  2. Click the Administrator icon to enable or disable the admin option for each user. When the icon is green, the setting is enabled. (A user will need to complete their registration before this icon will appear.)
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