How to log in to Insightly

How you log in to Insightly will depend on how you connected your account when registering for Insightly.

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How to Log in to Insightly Standard Account

  1. On the Log in screen, enter your email address and select Continue.

  1. Enter your password you registered with and click Log in button.

  2. If there is invalid email or password, you will see a message 'Incorrect email address and/or password.'

4. You will be able to log in once valid email and password are entered.

How to Log in via Microsoft Account

  1. If your login for Insightly matches your login for Microsoft, you can sign in to Insightly by clicking Continue with Microsoft on the Insightly login page that would take you to the respective Microsoft page, and then redirect to the Insightly app.

  2. Choose your instance and if prompted, allow Insightly access to your Microsoft Account.

How to Log in via Google Workspace Account

When registering for Insightly, Google Workspace users have the option of connecting Insightly to their domain. If your account is connected to Google Workspace, there are a couple of ways to sign in to your Insightly for Google Workspace account.

  • Option 1: From any Google Workspace screen, click the apps grid, scroll down, and click Insightly.

  • Option 2: From any of our login pages click Continue with Google

    On the next screen, select your Google credentials. Enter your password and click Next.

    If prompted, allow Insightly access to your Google Account.

If you log in to multiple Gmail accounts within the same browser, the browser will pass through your current login information when you try to access Insightly. 

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