Linking to files in Google Drive

Files stored in Google Drive — including Google Docs and Google Sheets — can be linked directly to your Insightly records from the Files section on the Related subtab.

This section is available in contacts, organizations, opportunities, and projects.

The first time you click the Google Drive icon, you will be prompted to log in to Google. Click Allow to grant Insightly permission to access your Google Drive.

Only click Allow after confirming that your browser is connecting to the correct Google account. Your account information will be in the upper right corner.


You can always undo this connection from your Google account security settings.

To link to a file stored in Google Drive

  1. Open a record, select the Related subtab, and scroll down to the Files section.
  2. Click the Google Drive icon to open the file picker.
  3. Search and/or select the files and folders you would like to link to the Insightly record and then click the Select button. Double-click a folder name to display its contents.
  4. You can also click Upload to upload files to Drive and link them to Insightly in one step.
  5. The file links will now appear in the Files section in the record's Related tab. To view a file in Google Drive, click the filename link.
    Google-drive_links-files.pngTo remove the link to the file, click the three dots to the right of the file name and select Delete This File. This does not delete the file from Google Drive, just from Insightly.

Since your Google Drive files are linked, and not copied or moved to Insightly, an Insightly user must have Drive permissions to view them.

You can learn how to disable Google Drive here.

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