October 2021


Android - Dark Mode: The Insightly mobile app will now honor dark mode device settings and will render in dark mode automatically if it has been set up. This can be turned off manually from within the app.

Product Updates

Bulk Edit - Run AppConnect Recipe: Users with AppConnect enabled can now use bulk editing to run an AppConnect Recipe. This process is similar to the Change Record Owner process in bulk editing and can be found in the “More” dropdown. Users will be prompted to select a Recipe from a dropdown, which will then fire for each record selected. Learn more.

Journeys - New Details Tab and Journeys Tab:Previously, the Journey’s Details tab contained the Journey itself. Now, the Details tab will now contain basic information about the Journey, such as its Name, Folder, and Lists. The new Journeys tab will contain the Journey.Learn more.

Insightly Marketing - Test Email Template: Similarly to sending a test email through the Email Designer when creating an email, users can now also send a test email when creating an email template. Sending tests through the Email Designer when creating an email or an email template can be done to review how the content will appear in an email client prior to the content being sent to Prospects.Learn More

Dynamic Layout Rules - Filter by the Record Owner: The Page Conditions for Dynamic Layout Rules will now contain the ability to filter by the Record Owner field. Filtering by the Record Owner field will allow for the selection of multiple active users to filter by.

CRM Emails - Configuration for List Views:Users now have the ability to create and configure List Views for Emails in CRM. Users can share these List Views with other users and customize which columns appear within List Views. Clicking the headers of List View fields will reorder the records.Learn more

Custom fields - Set default value for dropdown fields:Users can now select which value is set as the default value when they create or edit a custom dropdown field. After entering the field values, use the “Default Value” dropdown list and select a value. The “First Value in List” will be the default value in this dropdown.Learn more

Journey Email Step Report - Add Skipped Number:By clicking on a Send Email icon, users can now review the number of Emails that were Skipped, which occurs when a Prospect has Opted Out from a List.Learn more.

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