February 2020

New Features

  • Opportunities - Stage Duration table: The Stage Duration table provides a detailed overview of the Opportunity's progress, from which pipeline is being used to the user that made the most recent edit. Users can also review how long the Opportunity was in previous pipeline stages. Learn more.
  • Opportunities - Stage Duration Time in Stage field: The Time in Stage field provides a quick way to check how many days the Opportunity has been in its current stage. Learn more.
  • Opportunities - Stage Duration Report: The Opportunity Stage Duration Report is a specialized report that helps you understand how your Opportunities are progressing by tracking how long they spend in each pipeline stage. Learn more.


Product Updates

  • Dashboard Cards - Relative Date Support: Users can now use relative dates as a filter when creating a Dashboard Card.
  • Workflow Automation - Relative Date Support: Users can now use relative dates when creating criteria in a workflow.
  • Marketing - Filtering Folders in List views: When creating a List view filter for Folders, you can now filter by the entire Folder path. For example, Parent Folder > Folder.
  • Dashboard Cards - Linked object fields in Event cards: When creating an Event Dashboard Card, users can now select Linked object fields from the Categories section.
  • User Settings - Regional number formatting: Each user can now adjust their settings so that the formatting of their records and reports match their region's numerical formatting. Learn more.
  • Reporting - Formatting date and time fields for grouping: Users can now format their date and time formats in a report. Additionally, it is now possible to use date and time fields to group records. Learn more.
  • Custom Object Report - Lookup Relationship fields: If a Custom Object is connected to another object through a lookup relationship field, you can now add that object's fields to the Custom Object report. Learn more.
  • CRM Connector - New fields for Prospect mapping: Users can now map Contact Owner, Lead Owner, and Lead Status fields.
  • Workflow Automation - "Has Changed": Users can now select "Has Changed" as a criteria operator in workflows. 
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