April 2020

New Features

  • CRM and Marketing - Rename Standard Objects: Admins can now rename any of Insightly's standard objects. Learn more.
  • Journeys - Report tab: Added a Report tab to Journeys. Any that are running or complete will display performance statistics in this tab. Learn more.

Product Updates

  • Marketing - Finish Actions: Users can now change the order that a record's Finish Actions will execute. Learn more.
  • Marketing Reporting - Visitor Integration Activity Report: The Visitor Integration Activity Report is a report that gives users insights into the third party integrations your website's visitors are interacting with. Learn more.
  • Lambda - Invocation Payload field: New dropdown field, Invocation Payload, added to the Add Lambda Function page. Learn more.
  • Lookup Relationships - Email Address: When searching for a record when adding a lookup relationship, the record will now show the record’s email address in addition to their name.
  • Tasks - Filter by Repeats: Added the field “Repeats” to the filter dropdown options when creating a List View.
  • Email Notifications - Field changes: When a record has been updated in Insightly, the email that is sent to the user that is following that record will now show which fields have been changed.
  • Prospects - Opportunity Activity: On Prospect records, the timeline tab will will now display Opportunity activity from Contacts that are connected to the Prospect.
  • CRM - Email Templates: Email templates in CRM are now standard objects, which will allow admins to limit edit and read permissions by role through Advanced Permissions.
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