June 2020

Product Updates

  • CRM and Marketing - CRM Connector: Admins can now choose to copy a CRM field into Marketing, or copy a Marketing field into CRM. Additionally, new custom fields for CRM can now be created in the Connector to copy a Marketing field into Lead, Contact, or Organization. Learn more.

  • Advanced Permissions - Field Level Permissions: Insightly administrators will now be able to select which fields other users will have access to. Any field from any object type can be updated as long as you have advanced permissions enabled. Learn more.

  • Prospects - Timeline tab: 

    • Emails that appear in the Timeline tab will be condensed. If an Email has been sent to a Prospect multiple times, it will appear in the tab as one entry that can be expanded to show each Email sent. Here, you will be able to review the status of the sent Email.

    • Added "Recipient marked Email as SPAM" to the options for an Email outcome in the Timeline tab. 

    • When Prospects click or open an Email, users can now see the Geographic Location in which the Prospect performed this action.

  • Marketing Dashboards - Social Cards: Users can now add Dashboard cards to measure Organic and Paid social media traffic. This includes traffic from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other popular social media platforms.
  • Validation Rules - New triggers for Opportunities and Projects: Validation rules will now trigger when an Opportunity state is changed or a Project state is changed, as well as in Kanban view when a user moves an Opportunity or a Project between pipeline stages.
  • List Views - Filter Criteria: Users can use the criteria "Has attachments" Yes/No when creating a List View.
  • Prospects - SmartMerge: SmartMerge is now available for Prospects. Learn more.
  • Emails - Preview and Subject Line Text: Users can now add subject lines and preview text to Emails during Email setup. Learn more.
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