August 2021

Product updates

Reports - User Login Report: The User Login Report logs all login and password reset attempts, with identifying data, to monitor login history and provide additional security. Admins can use this report to review any attempts that have been made across Insightly web, mobile, and email apps. Learn more.


API v3.1 - File Attachment Endpoint: Previously, the Insightly API v3.1 Help /FileAttachments/GetFileAttachment API endpoint would only return files in binary format.

As many integrations need them in a downloadable public URL format, we have added a new optional parameter: “format”. It will take two values: Binary and JSON.

The URL is valid for 60 seconds before a new request needs to be made. Learn more.


Workflow Automation Merge Field - Opportunity Closed Lost Reason: The State Reason merge field has been added to the Email Alert Action within Workflow Automation to notify users via email each time they lose an Opportunity and the reason why.

First an admin must create an Opportunity Workflow Automation, then add criteria that the current state is equal to LOST. They will then be able to add the State Reason merge field to an Email Alert Action they create. Learn more.


Dashboards - Add Card to Dashboard Functionality: When viewing a custom Dashboard, users now have the ability to add an existing Dashboard Card to the Dashboard. Users will need permission to view and add Cards. Learn more.


Clone Card - After Save Checkbox: When cloning a Dashboard Card, the ‘Take me to the new card after save’ checkbox will now be checked by default. Learn more.


Insightly Marketing - Browsing Session in Timeline Tab: Browsing sessions will now contain the following metrics:

  • Browsing Started (Date and Time)

  • Browser (i.e. Firefox, Chrome)

  • Operating System

  • Device Type

  • User Agent

  • IP Address

  • IP Country

  • IP Region

  • Referrer

Learn more.


Insightly Marketing Email Designer - Added Redirect Links to Special Links: Users can now add their redirect links to Emails they are designing through the Special Links dropdown. Learn more.

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