November 2020


  • Tasks - Alternative View: Users can now choose between Compact or List View for Tasks.
  • List Views - Sorting: Users can now select sort fields and directions for List Views independently of the Web app.
  • Dashboard Cards - Detail View: Dashboard Cards can now be viewed in full-screen mode.

New Features

  • Workflows - Individual Workflow Logs: For each workflow, Admins can now review logs of executed workflow runs for each individual workflow. Each workflow log displays the last 100 entries for that specific Workflow Process, with the latest execution at the top (descending order).
    Admins can review successful log entries that have occurred in the last 90 days.
    Learn more.

  • Insight Cards - Organizations: The Organization Insight Card displays the details of any Primary Linked Organizations on Contact, Lead, or Quote records. The user will need to have permission to view the Organization record for the Insight Card to appear on a Contact, Lead, or Quote record. Learn more.

Product Updates

  • Journeys - Checks: Added two new checks to use when building a Journey.

    • Check Form Submission - Checks if a Prospect has submitted a form.

    • Check Prospect Viewed Page - Checks if Prospect has visited a webpage.
      Learn more.

  • Marketing Email Templates - Merge Fields for Subject and Preview Lines: Users can now use merge fields in Subject Lines and Preview Lines to automatically populate the fields using Prospect information. Learn more.

  • Products - New Related tab grids: Added two new grids that list records associated with the Product record: Grid list of Opportunities associated with this Product and Grid list of Quotes associated with this Product. Learn more.

  • Page Layouts - Default active tab: Admins can now configure the which tab will be opened by default when a record is accessed. Learn more.

  • Custom Objects - Clone records: Users can now clone a custom object records. Cloning a record allows users to quickly duplicate a record, while keeping the original intact. Learn more.

  • Workflow - Clone existing criteria: Users can now clone existing workflow criteria to increase productivity and cut down on the time it would take to setup a new workflow that uses the same criteria as an existing workflow. Cloning criteria will not clone the actions associated with the criteria. Learn more.

  • Prospect Reports - Bulk edit add to List: When you run a report that includes the Prospect Name field, such as Prospect reports and Visitor reports, you can now add those Prospects to a static List from that report. Learn more.

  • Organizations - Change Organization Record Owner: Bulk editing Organization Record Owners can now optionally change the record owner of associated Linked Contacts (both primary linked and other), Linked open Opportunities, and Linked open Leads with an email address that matches one of the email domains on the Organization. Learn more.

  • Marketing Email - Updates to the From field: When selecting a sender for an Insightly Marketing Email, users can now use a search bar to find a user quickly.
    Additionally, there are two new sender options:

    • CRM Lead or Contact Owner - If a Prospect is linked to a Contact, the owner of that Contact will populate the From field. If the Prospect is not linked to a Contact, but is linked to a Lead, the owner of that Lead will populate the From field. If it is not linked to a Contact or a Lead, the From Fallback user will be selected.

    • CRM Lead User Lookup Fields - Any standard or custom user lookup field on a Lead linked to a Prospect (other than the owner). For example, the sender could be pulled from the Lead Responsible User field or any other user fields. If the Prospect is not linked to a Contact or a Lead, the From Fallback user will be selected.
      Learn more.

  • Prospects - Email Templates in the Timeline tab: In the expanded timeline entry, the Email Template used will now be hyperlinked in the Email Name field. Learn more.

  • API - Limit headers: In every API call response, the Insightly API will now return two headers with the number of calls left in your 24 hour period. Learn more.

  • Quotes- Email Templates search: When emailing a Quote, the Email Template selection dropdown is now searchable. Learn more.

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