February 2022

Product Updates

Insightly Marketing - Prospect Score Indicator: Any increase or decrease (due to an Insightly Marketing activity) in Prospect score will be displayed on the Timeline tab of a Prospect’s record. In an instance where the default scoring model and an additional scoring model apply to the Prospect, both value changes will display as applicable. Learn More.

Insightly Service - Ticket Comment Auto-Save Draft: When an agent writes a comment or note, Insightly will save every 5 seconds in order to prevent progress from being lost if the agent navigates away or if they edit the Ticket before completing their comment. Insightly will not save white space or empty characters as a draft. Learn more.

Dashboards - Selector Dropdown is Now Searchable: When selecting a dashboard from the dashboard selector dropdown, users can now use a search bar to find specific dashboards quickly.

Insightly CRM, Marketing Automation, and Service - System Settings User List is now Searchable: When accessing the User List in System Settings, admins will now have the ability to search for specific users using a search bar.

Insightly CRM, Insightly Marketing, Insightly Service - User Record: The interface of user records has been enhanced to provide an Actions button. When expanded, the options to edit the user or delete the user can be utilized.

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