December 2019

New Features

  • Form Handlers - Form data automatically added to Insightly: Form Handlers collect data from your website's forms, then automatically create or update records within Insightly Marketing. Learn more.
  • Domain Management - Website Tracking Domains: Once setup, anytime a visitor fills out a form on your website, they become a Prospect record in Insightly (so long as that form has been connected to a Form Handler). Learn more.


Product Updates

  • CRM Connector - Add New Prospect field from CRM : The
  • Folders - Bulk Actions: Users can now bulk edit their Folder records.
  • Folders - Search updates: Search icon added to Folders.
  • Journeys - Create CRM Task Action: This Journey Step creates a task in Insightly CRM, assigns it to a CRM user, and links it to the Lead or the Contact associated with the Prospect from the Journey action. Learn more.
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