How to use lookup relationship fields with custom objects

If you've created a custom object, you probably noticed that the Related tab acts a little differently than the Related tab on standard objects.

Custom objects use lookup relationship fields to connect to other objects, rather than linking. If no lookup relationship fields have been created, the Related tab will look like a mostly empty space.


A lookup relationship field connects an object to another object. This allows users to create a one-way relationship to another record in the object type of their choice.

This is different from linking - when you link a record to another record it creates a connection between both and appears in each of their Related tabs.

Lookup relationship fields can be created just like any other custom field in Insightly. They are not limited to custom objects - lookup relationship fields can be created for standard objects too.

To set up a lookup relationship field

  1. System Settings > Objects and Fields.
  2. Select the object you’ll be creating the field for.
  3. Select Object Fields from the Object Management menu.
  4. Click New Field.
  5. Choose Lookup Relationship Field and click Next.
  6. Complete the following fields:
    • Related To - Choose the object type you want your field to appear in the related tab of.
    • Field Label – Enter the name for your new field. You won't be able to use the same field name twice.
    • Related List Name - Create a name for the related list name. This list will appear on the related tab and will contain records you've created a relationship with.
  7. Check the Hidden box if necessary. If you check Hidden, the field will not be visible to any users. Use this feature when you need to hide information that you don't want to delete.
  8. Click Save Custom Field.

After you've saved the field, it will appear in the related tab in the records of the object that was selected in the "Related To" section.


You can use Page Layouts to add the lookup relationship field to the details tab of the other object.



You cannot create new records from the field on the Details tab. You can only search for and connect with records that have already been created. However, a record can be created from the Related tab of a record that has the lookup relationship field.

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