Merging a contact into an organization

Sometimes you may find that a contact was created for one of your existing organization records. Normally, you would convert it to an organization from the Actions menu, but in this case you want to merge it to retain any linked notes, files, emails, or tasks.

Merging a contact into an organization will:

  • Move all notes, files, emails, and tasks from the contact record to the organization record.
  • Retain all other values in the organization.
  • Delete the contact and move it into the Recycle Bin.

It's important to keep these points in mind when merging.

To merge a contact into an organization:

  1. Open the contact that will be merged.
  2. Click the Actions menu and select Merge into an Organization.
  3. Begin typing the name of the target organization.
  4. Click the radio button next to the proper match.
  5. Click the Merge button.

The organization will be displayed with any new links from the contact, and the contact will be deleted.

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