Merging two or more records with SmartMerge

Insightly's SmartMerge feature can help you find duplicate Contacts, Leads, Prospects, or Organizations and merge them into one master record.

If you are using Insightly Marketing:

SmartMerge will automatically merge the related Prospect if both master Contact and secondary Contact have related Prospects. Then Insightly will SmartMerge the related Prospects.

Otherwise, Insightly will link the secondary Prospect to the master Contact, and update the Prospect email address to match the master Contact email address.

Finding duplicates

There are four ways to start the SmartMerge process:

  • Click the SmartMerge link in the right sidebar on a list view page. This will find records with the exact same name.
  • Select multiple records from the list view and click the SmartMerge button above the list.
  • Open an individual record, click the Actions menu, and select the SmartMerge option. This will display records with names that sound similar to the master record.
  • Run a report from the SmartMerge page. The emailed spreadsheet report will also display records with names that sound similar to each other.

What's a master record?

The master record is the duplicate that will remain once the merge is complete.

The other duplicate, referred to as the source record, will be deleted and moved to the recycle bin. 

When merging, the source record's fields will populate the master record's empty default and custom fields.

If the field is already populated on the master record, the field will not be copied over.

It's important to keep these points in mind when selecting the master record.

To merge the records from the SmartMerge page:

  1. Scroll down to the group of matching records that you would like to merge. Only the records in the selected group will be merged, and you can uncheck the name of records to exclude them.

    You can also find a specific record and close matches to it by typing a name in the field above the list of matches.
  2. Click SmartMerge Selected next to the group of records that you would like to merge.
  3. Select the master record from the list on the right.

    You can also select the master record from the dropdown list.

  4. You can compare and update data by selecting the different records and scrolling through the page.
  5. When the master record is selected, click the Merge button.
  6. A confirmation message will display when the merge is complete.
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